Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Panoramas from the Chernobyl Zone

A colleague sent me the link to a wonderful website today. Check it out!

The incredible images were captured by a photographer named Michael Rothbart. He is currently working on a photo project documenting how people cope while living in radioactive areas of the former Soviet Union. He just got back to the US after spending eight months in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Seeing these panoramas really makes me feel like I'm back in the Exclusion Zone... creepy.


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It is strange that when you look at these images that this was a place of such media attention, it seems so quiet and peaceful.

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It is amazing how quick nature takes over these sites once abandoned, great photos.

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Great blog. Best I've seen relating to Chernobyl.

I'm very interested in the several memorials -- at the plant, in Kiev, etc. -- and would like to know more about what they mean/represent to those who developed them.

I have a photograph of a bas- relief- mural memorial at the Chernobyl site fire station that I have not seen or heard of anywhere on the web.

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